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Providing custom signs in many sizes, shapes and colors in the Mid-Willamette Valley, OR

Van Dyke's Signmakers offers custom signs in various sizes, shapes and colors and on various materials such as aluminum, dibond, corrugated plastic and lightweight PVC board. We can advertise your business, an event or whatever you strive to achieve. Want your logo? No problem! We can create a sign for you to say just about anything.

Banners and Feather Flags

Custom-made weatherproof vinyl banners in dozens of colors and sizes. Banners are a great way to advertise your business or up-coming event. Banners are easy to roll up and store for reuse. Design your own banner or let our sign professionals come up with a great design for you.
For banner pricing please give us a call, request a quote or email us.

Yard signs and Sandwich Boards

Corrugated plastic signage is one of the most economical and attractive ways to drive new customers to your door. These signs are high quality, weather resistant and last for several years outdoors in most conditions. We also offer two different grades of aluminum for even more durability.
For yard sign pricing please give us a call, request a quote or email us.
We offer several different types of sandwich board type signs. See more photos on our Facebook site.
Readerboard — Signage in Tangent, OR
Customized tarpaulin— Signage in Tangent, OR
Large custom signs — Signage in Tangent, OR
Plasticade: 25″x36″ 25″x45″
Steel: 18″x24″ 24″x36″
24″x24″ 10mil Corex Sidewalk Readerboard

Business and Industrial signs

Call or email us for more information about :
  • restroom and interior signage
  • window lettering for business hours
  • large custom signs
  • lit lexan signs
  • no parking or handicapped parking signs
Many custom options are available!
Providing custom signs for customers in Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon and Linn and Benton County.

Sign Substrates

Banners – Our banner material is a very durable 10 oz. Nylon-reinforced vinyl. It is well suited for interior and exterior usage because of its flexibility and weather resistant capabilities, which make for easy storage and shipping. The material's strength allows it to be cut into almost any length or dimension. Many colors are available to meet your needs for special events, promotions and grand openings.
Corex – Corrugated polypropylene plastic ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Corex is recyclable if all non-polypropylene accessories have been removed. Corrugated Plastic is an excellent substitute for poster board or card stock for interior applications. Its surface is not affected by most oils, solvents or water, and cleans easily. Corrugated plastic is aligned with flutes that generally run horizontally across the width of the sign. 4mm corex is commonly used for yard signs, political signs, and real-estate signage. 10 mm corex is a sturdier option for larger sign applications. Available Colors: Ivory, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Black and Dark Blue.
Trovicel – A lightweight yet rigid board of moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) extruded in a sheet with a low gloss matte finish. Perfect for indoor applications and available in many different thicknesses. Easily cut to custom shapes. It is an excellent product for trade shows signage, menu boards, point-of-purchase displays and architectural graphics.
Available colors: Beige, Red, Yellow, Green, and Dark Blue.
Aluminum – Aluminum is perfect for outdoor applications because it resists corrosion and weathering. It is stocked in a variety of colors and will not rust. Aluminum is lightweight and sturdy. Lightweight .040 aluminum is suitable for signs against a wall, fence, or building while heavier weight .080 aluminum works well on posts.
Dibond – An aluminum composite material (ACM) made of two pre-painted sheets of .012 aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Dibond is the flattest panel on the market and provides exceptional durability in outdoor applications.
Lexan – An extremely versatile, highly durable plastic sheet that comes in a variety of colors. Lexan is primarily used for long-term interior and exterior signage. Some common uses are internally illuminated signs, architectural signs, wall directories, permanent retail signs, menu boards and trade show signs. Lexan is an excellent product if you desire a high quality gloss finish with a long life expectancy.

Vinyl Colors

3M Vinyl color chart — Business Sign Makers in Tangent, OR
We also offer many more colors and types of vinyl including reflective, metallic, translucent, variegated and neon.

3M Vinyl color chart — Business Sign Makers in Tangent, OR

Digital Printing

We are now able to offer in-house digital printing and lamination! Whether you would like a custom vehicle wrap or a full color sign or banner we can accommodate all your digital graphic needs. Our ValueJet has 1440 total nozzles and variable dot technology to produce outdoor durable, photo quality images at resolutions of 540, 720 and 1440 dpi.

Sign Making Process

For cut vinyl signage the graphic is designed in vector format. For each color in the graphic a vinyl roll is loaded into a plotter that cuts the graphic into the vinyl and leaves the backing paper intact. Then the excess vinyl is weeded from the graphic and masked using transfer tape. After the substrate is prepared, each color is applied to the sign substrate separately using the transfer tape.
For a digitally printed graphic the design may be vector or bitmap based. The graphic is sent to the printer and printed on special vinyl with solvent inks. The graphic gasses out overnight and then is laminated for UV-durability. Then the graphic may be plotted and weeded just like the cut vinyl signage. The graphic is masked with transfer tape and applied to the prepared substrate.

How to Apply Vinyl

Click HERE for a .pdf printable file

Care and Maintenance of Magnetic Signs

Our magnetic signs are 30 mil matte white that are great for vinyl, paint or screen printing. For our printable care sheet click HERE.

Preparing Digital Files for Signs

First you need to know if your sign will be digitally printed or cut out of vinyl. For cut vinyl graphics we need a vector format .eps or .ai file. Some other file formats also support vector information, but check with us first! Turn all your text into paths to make sure your art will look exactly like you sent it. Be sure to trace all strokes. For digitally printed files, .jpg or .pdf files are acceptable. Resolution must be 120 dpi or better at full size. The better the graphic we have the better your sign will look!
We can also clean up or vectorize your logo. Send us the best quality print you can and we will re-create your logo or artwork for use in many applications. We keep all our art files so re-ordering is easy!

Digital Print vs. Cut Vinyl

Many of our customers ask us what the difference is between printed and cut graphics. Digitally printed graphics can be vector or bitmap based. Cut vinyl graphics are always vector based. The cut vinyl graphic is made by using a plotter to cut graphics into a piece of pre-colored vinyl. Printed graphics are when the design is printed using a special vinyl printer.
Line art (vector graphics) are computer generated graphics made up of points and lines that define the edge of a flat-color shape. Most clip art is vector based. Vector based graphics make smaller files than bitmaps and can be scaled and moved indefinitely without losing quality. They are saved as .eps, .ai and several other file formats. For graphics with few colors cut vinyl is usually a more economical choice. The colors are always consistent, but they are more limited than printed colors. There are also specialty applications for cut vinyl (metallic, reflective) that can't be reproduced by digital printing. Cut vinyl is more color fast than digitally printed graphics.
Raster graphics (bitmaps) are made up of thousands of dots to create the image. They can be millions of colors and include shades and shadowing. Bitmaps must be printed digitally as there is no vector line to cut from. Bitmaps can not be resized without losing quality as the computer “invents” pixels where they didn't exist previously. Bitmap files are usually very large because the computer has to store color information for each dot. For jobs that have photos, shadows, shading or many colors, digital printing is usually the best option. Jpg, pdf, tiff and bmp are common bitmap file formats.
Click HERE for a more detailed pdf file of the difference between vector and raster graphics.
Providing business signs, banners, and digital printing . Serving customers in Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon and Linn and Benton County.